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This J3 Cub was a complete restoration project. The airframe had some repairs carried out to it and was totally stripped down and repainted. The wings were also rebuilt from the spars up.

The control surfaces were recovered using Ceconite, and then sprayed with Rando Proof Nitrate Dope then a Non Tautening Butyrate Dope and Rando Fill. The fuselage was then covered using the same method.


This Jungman aircraft is a long term projected. It is a complete rebuild. The wings and controls have been rebuilt and have now been recovered and sprayed with a nitrate dope, and finished with top coat.

The fuselage has been rebuilt and is now ready for recovering. This project is ongoing with a view to first flight this year.


This aircraft is a Maule and it came over from France for Annual check. On inspection the fabric on the fuselage was found to be failing in some areas. The decision was made to re fabric the fuselage only. The aircraft was stripped down, the fabric was removed from the fuselage. The frame work had some areas of corrosion which were cleaned and treated. Ceconite was used to recover the the fuselage which was the sprayed with nitrate and bitrate dopes and finished off in to pack white. The aircraft was completed on 3/8/2013.


This aircraft is a Yak 18T and came in for some restoration work on the wings and controls. The wings and controls were removed and fabric stripped. Some repair work was carried out before recovering. This aircraft is used for aerobatics so careful attention was made to the type of fabric used and the stitching of the wings and controls. The aircraft was covered in Ceconite then sprayed with various coats of nitrate and butyrate dope. The top coat was then applied. This aircraft was completed 16/9/2013.


This Cub was originally here for the fuselage to be recovered but due to corrosion on all of the controls and failing fabric on the wings the decision was made to completely restore the aircraft. The aircraft was dismantled and fabric removed all frame work was then rubbed down and treated for corrosion. All surfaces were then recovered with ceconte and sprayed with nitrate and butyrate dopes.

The final paint scheme was then applied. The aircraft has been finished in North African French army colours after research revealed it was used by the French Army. The restoration work was completed on 20/2/2014.

CASA 1.131E Bucker Jungmann 2037

S/n 2166 This aircraft is a long term refurbishment more updates shortly.

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